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And talked with you. For relatively unlimited hours. Just for two days. What if your soulmate needed to remain in her boring town life. What if your soulmate had yet another flight to capture. What then? What if soulmates exist? I do not desire us to have any what if’s? So stand a little closer to me.

Ruthie Depression is my soulmate, He fell in love with me, He couldn’t wait, Depression lays in bed with me during the night, Follows me in my dreams, Holds me back from the light, He wants me all to himself, He whispers sweet absolutely nothings in my ear, Convincing me I can’t endure by myself, I attempt to get awaybut he holds so tight, He states I need to remain, He pulls me close, slow dances with me, When I’m with him, he recites every bad memory of the day, I begin to think this is all my life will be, I wish to believe it isn’t truebut is it?it might be? I have no idea, Depression doesn’t like when I have a good friend, He gets jealous of joy, He makes a big difficulty which’s usually completion, When they leave, he reminds me that hes here to stay, I lay in bed weeping, He is available in, holds me till I’m alright, I know I need to get away, find help, However not even my mom thinks me whelp, Depression satisfy my moms and dads without my knowing, He made them believe when I’m devoid of him, the real me isn’t revealing, I guess hes my spouse, The side of me that makes them laugh, However I can’t escape, its too late, I lost the essential to liberty’s gate, Apparently this is my fate, Depression is my soulmate, Lost Soul No we have not met, At least not yet, For all I know you might be a princess, with a golden tiara and attendants, Or the daughter of a peasant, rude and ill-bred in the sight others, however to me, absolutely nothing short of pleasant, No we have not satisfied, At least not yet, Dear soulmate, Last night I dreamt of you once again, a thousand dragons for you I had slain, On my heart you positioned your hand, beaming with happiness, oh my fair girl was I pleased! Oh my fair lady was I thankful!, when to the whipping of our hearts all night we danced, Fell on our backs and at the stars we looked, Oh! their similarity to your eyes left me impressed, No, we have not fulfilled, At least not yet, Dear soulmate, Gorgeous becomes useless for it can not explain you, Perfect disappears for it fails to specify you, Deep space needs to have been the one that birthed you, Or an angel from paradise should have sent you, From porcelain clay God must have made you, With his own breathe, life, should have gave you, In my dreams I look in your eyes, In your eyes I witness the sun increase, As the sun sets I envision you strolling down the aisle, Oh child of a goddess, in your soul I would like to set sail, Oh daughter of a goddess, without stop working, on your side i would like to grow old and frail, No, we haven’t met, At least not yet, Dear soulmate, No, we have not fulfilled, At least not yet, Tylor Tate Select to state whatever that is in your heart with a short and simple soulmate poem.

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Emily Eclogue My soulmate livesbut distantly and faraway; and we can never ever touchor ever even remain in that method, and I can not saythat we are much alikebut when our hearts lay open, the other understandsand shame is never ever there, it is all, to the little last bit of it, an unending consentthat not without, I could ever live.

Oh, she loved me true and fairand I could not think of life without her. However then she had to leave so suddenly, Oh, however she didn’t need to leaveand so now I ask however whyfor I believed she was my soulmate real, but now I have actually needed to see her through. Ralph Rune O my Luve’s like a red, red increased, That’s freshly sprung in June;O my Luve’s like the melodie, That’s sweetly played in tune.

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And fare thee weel, my only Luve, And fare thee weel awhile! And I will come again, my Luve, Tho’ it ware ten thousand mile.

Vergil Virelay Her soul was clenched in the hands of distress, The feeble screams were resounding in the dungeon, Not even the faintest light were permitted to entertain her, Till her soul regained the power to scream, Just her soulmate in remote land could hear it, As everybody was unconcerned of her pain and suffering, Defying all odds, the soulmate recovered his Love.

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He let me talkwithout defying. Could I discover tourist attraction in him? Could he be my soulmate?

One at a time you have fallen before me, you fabled soulmates. You who have made me, could you not have revealed me the danger of a love false?